Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sun and Moon Worshipping in Ancient Times

Around the globe, diverse ethnic groups, in all continents, has a history of worship on the moon and sun. As a child, I could imagine that the moon and the sun is really the same, only changing form. This thought is quite complicated for a small child full of curiosity. I was fortunate to have the school library and from there I knew that the moon is a giant boulder and the sun was a giant ball of gas, a small star, just one of billions of stars scattered in the universe. If we already know how insignificant these two objects are, do we still want to worship him? When I was born in the early centuries BC, maybe I'll laugh at this fact, maybe I will curse the bearer of the facts, and still worship the moon and sun. I might think that the knowledge about the moon and the sun outside of reason and can not understand by human. We can only know what you want to show in the sky.

From a dry place in Yemen, thousands of years ago, there was a time where a great empire stood. Sheba who ruled as the queen, who reportedly seraphic beauty. Tales mention that at the time the animals can speak  to Solomon who was far away in the northern kingdom. If this is not a fairy tale, like the story of deer and crocodiles, what natural law  causes the animals currently no longer able to speak with us? Apart from that, people worship the sun Saba country. For the desert, the sun is very dominant. His influence was far more than the tropical community. We are in the hot arid nature, it is important to keep the temperature does not continue to increase and eventually burned and baked us. I think this is the reason for many of worship of the sun in the middle east and other desert areas. Noted there are 13 main sun gods in Arabia and Egypt.


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