Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cargo Cult

Some cultures in turn dominate others. Greek and Roman gods with the European influence. In modern times, the story of these gods is a series of interesting tales. We are interested to know. We are impressed with the story of love Selena, goddess of the moon, in Endymion only a shepherd. But we know these stories do not make sense and just imaginary people who lived 2000 years ago. 2000 Will the coming year, the stories that we believe right now will be ridiculed as a fantasy high level of people who live in the 21st century?

The story of the story of the worshipers in Madang container will probably make you impressed. Madang is a city on the coast of Papua New Guinea. People who live there is very primitive. In the 19th century, a fleet of cargo ships coming from Europe. Madang community thought they came from the sky and see if the sky is a giant warehouse store valuables. Ships coming from the end of the sea, as if out of the sky on the horizon, carrying goods. These items in divided into the European colonists. The natives thought that the first visitor, a Russian, was the god of the moon, because with a lantern on the beach at night. They then want all the items in the cargo. They stop their old beliefs and replace them with new rituals to ask for freight coming to them. This primitive folk abandoned fields and their cattle killed for God to feel sorry for them. Until now, they are still searching for the arrival of the cargo will be sent to them from a distance.


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